About us

The story of Amarado_Concept started from Kea, where I was born From the age of 12, I created my first jewellery, while my training as a Geologist and Handmade Jewellery Technician reinforced my vision.

Amarado_Concept hosts the realization of my dream in the beautiful country of Kea, Ioulis. Why Amarado? Amarado (Limonium sinuatum), the typical wildflower of Kea with its striking lilac color, represents timelessness and magic, but at the same time it symbolizes for me the source of my inspiration, the island of Kea.

With vision, passion and love, I create jewellery that carries the magical qualities of amaranth: timelessness, glamour and colour, always combined with minimal lines and high quality materials.

I welcome you to our eshop and of course I am waiting for you at our store in Ioulis, Kea.

Nektaria Saiti

“Ω αμάραντο πέλαγο, τι ψιθυρίζεις πες μου…”Ποίηση Οδυσσέα Ελύτη – Σώμα του καλοκαιριού

Our Shop

In our physical store, apart from the products found in our e-shop, you will find other unique handmade pieces that are inspired by the moment and are not repeated!
Our store also hosts handmade creations and artwork from our friends creators and artists, as well as clothing and clothing accessories with a special style and taste.