Authentic Tetrapolis Collection

It was back in 2014 (almost ten years ago) when I released my first collection inspired by Kea Island and its history.

Tetrapolis collection includes jewelries inspired by the ancient coins found on our Island, when four states-cities – Ioulis, Korissos, Karthea and Poiessa – were flourishing.

The ancient coins found in these city-states (poleis), on their back side, represent the symbol of Tetrapolis: Four (4) triangles in cross or X layout, resembling the windmill sails.

My collection includes the original Tetrapolis ancient coin, in various designs versions and a variety of colors, various types of jewelries (bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, pins) and many decorative elements, such as couverts brelocks and bookmarks.

I am very proud of this collection as many other artists, even well-known brands, tried to copy it. However, the Authentic Tetrapolis Collection is available only in Amarado_concept store and in our e-shop

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